Field work

Rife Laboratory in Point Loma 
3676 Zola Street (Alcot Street)
Point Loma 
CA, San Diego

"Some time ago Dr. RIfe perfected a microscope. It was the product of his leisure hours, spent in a self equipped laboratory over a private garage in Loma Portal."
San Diego Union, Scientist Hail Rife Microscope In Pasadena Test, 11-25-1931

Scripps Ranch the first clinic
Now located in the Scripps Institute of Oceanography
near by the Old Director House
La Jolla
CA, San Diego

"Can't you meet me about 11:30 in La Jolla next Saturday. I want to show you the Library Building and get your opinion of it before I say anything to the people at the Scripps Clinic about it as a place for our Clinic this Summer."
Dr. Milbank Johnson letter to Royal R. Rife, 04-30-1934

Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital
Also called Linda Vista Hospital
610 South Saint Louis Street on a corner with East Sixth Street
CA, Los Angeles

"In May 1935, Johnson also began looking for a location in Los Angeles for a new clinic. It presented a bit of a problem because the electric current had to be 60 cycles for the new Frequency Instrument. Finally the Santa Fe Hospital at 610 South Saint Louis Street on a corner with East Sixth Street in Los Angeles was chosen. The clinic opened the first week of November 1935 with Johnson in charge. Treatments were given two days a week, and this time Johnson was keeping careful clinical records."
by Barry Lines